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Master Life Coach and Spiritual Guide, Ronnie K

Ronnie on the Oregon coast

Your opportunity to be coached by Ronnie for Free

As you travel the difficult journey called divorce ... working with Ronnie as your personal life coach through these demanding times ... is yours for the asking.


Whether you'd like to meet just once... or occasionally when you feel having a conversation with Ronnie would be valuable ... or perhaps plan a series of conversations with him ... please know that he is ready to support you through your challenges of divorce and life... and beyond. 

Arrange to have your coaching session with Ronnie

Ronnie's thoughts on "Why divorce happens?"

Ronnie recognized during the 9 years he facilitated divorce recovery support groups, that on the surface, the common difficulty of unsuccessful marriages was either a lack of meaningful communication skills between the couple or difficult personal finances or both.

In hindsight, he now realizes that underneath it all, was a more serious issue ... the lack of personal self-awareness these individuals had of themselves and of their partner ... "the-who" they truly were at their core being. 

Ronnie's real-world divorce support experience ... Heart to Heart

For 9 years, 3 times a year, while living in Tucson, AZ, Ronnie facilitated 8-week and 10-week weekly Divorce Recovery support groups. During this time period, he worked heart-to-heart with well over 300+ individuals ... from various backgrounds and from all ages and walks of life.

You'll find a safe emotional space working with Ronnie

Ronnie is told that his compassionate listening skills, create a safe emotional space as a loyal friend and having conversations about your personal journey of divorce.


Help Make a Difference ...

Did You Know

Master Life Coaching sessions with Ronnie as well as the other DHP Educational Resources are complimentary public offerings.

Help Make a Difference

Help us make a difference so this program can continue providing this important and free educational service for "the-others" who just could use a "Divorce Healing Paradigm" someday or perhaps, even today.

If You Are Grateful for the value ...

... you receive(d) from "The Divorce Healing Paradigm" ... please consider showing your appreciation by making a contribution for as little as $10. It will be appreciated in many ways.

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