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Master Life Coach and Spiritual Guide, Ronnie K

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Thoughts on "Why divorce happens?"

Ronnie recognized during the 9 years he facilitated divorce recovery support groups, that on the surface, the most common difficulty of unsuccessful marriages was either a lack of meaningful communication skills between the couple ... or difficult personal finances ... or both.

In hindsight, he now realizes that underneath it all, there was a more serious issue ... the lack of personal self-awareness these individuals had of themselves and their partner ... "the-who" they authentically were in their heart and soul. 

Your opportunity for complimentary coaching

As you travel the difficult journey called divorce ... working with Ronnie as your personal life coach and spiritual guide through these demanding times ... is yours for the asking.


Whether you'd like to meet just once... or occasionally when you feel having a conversation with Ronnie would be valuable ... or perhaps plan a series of conversations with him ... please know he is ready to help support you through your challenges of divorce and life... and beyond. 

Real-world heart-to-heart divorce coaching experience ...

For 9 years, 3 times a year, Ronnie co-facilitated 8-week and 10-week weekly Divorce Recovery support groups.

During this time, he worked heart-to-heart with well over 300+ individuals ... from various backgrounds and from all ages and walks of life.

Arrange a time for a Life Coaching session

You'll find a safe-emotional space working with him

Ronnie is told that his compassionate listening skills, create a safe emotional space as a loyal friendAnd you'll feel comfortable having open conversations with him about your personal journey of divorce.

Please know, our conversations are always kept in the strictest of confidence.

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