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The 7 Basic Paradigms of Self-Awareness

"Welcome and join me as we journey to a place where there is no right or wrong ... to a place of SilentKnowing". 

Ronnie Kaufman  b: 1947

Ronnie K Master Divorce Coach

Our planet has dramatically changed since it crossed over into the 21st century ... and mankind has drifted further and further apart from each other and from peace on earth.

And individually people have distanced themselves from "the-who" they organically are at their divine core Self ... becoming instead "the-who" they have been unknowingly molded and reprogrammed to be by society ... and the acceptable global culture we live in ... a limited dimensions of physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness. 

Self Awareness sign

My Intention

To share a compelling life paradigm of self-awareness, with those who have a strong desire to evolve to their own optimal state of being ... so they flourish in life in the vibrational frequency of Peace, Joy, and Love with All ... and most importantly, flourish with who they truly are.

2. Self-Awareness Paradigm 

"Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."

Brené Brown b: 1965  

Brene Brown

You "Knowing" You

Frequency Towards Global Consciousness

And when you begin living your life as You, your personal energy frequencies also begin to recalibrate to include the frequencies of Global Consciousness. This is a key reason I am sharing this paradigm for those who are ready.

Self-Awareness Expansion

Another key benefit this paradigm cultivates is the expansion of Self-Awareness allowing passage to other rich dimensions of life to observe and interact with your own real-world life journey with fresh perspectives to explore.

We grow when we remember

3. Basic Assumptions of Self-Awareness

"When the soul is starved for nourishment, it lets us know with feelings of emptiness, anxiety, or yearning" 

Rebbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

What Are "Dimensions of Self-Awareness"? 

Simply put, each of us has experienced many Dimensions of Self-Awareness over the course of our evolving life journeys. Some of our dimensions are very similar to the last ... while some very different. Our own current Dimension of Self-Awareness is the culmination of the knowledge, experience, and wisdom we (choose to) bring with us as we transform from one dimension to the next. NOTE: One dimension is not necessarily better than another ... they just diffuse different frequencies based on the content of the Dimension of Self-Awareness they exist in.

Dimensions of Self-Awareness Evolve

Many reasons for Dimensions to change ... some change is gradual ... and for some change, "bam", it's is done. Major life-cycle events act as catalysts to our PoSA changes ... things like the beginning and end of a relationship or marriage ... the death of a loved one ... career or job change or loss ... moving ... an NDE or difficult health issue ... starting or ending a social or religious group and many other life events. We've all experienced our own reasons for change ... and for some of us, more often than others.

evolution of man

4. Maintaining Peace-of-Mind in Your Self-Awareness

"Life is bigger than our explanations of it. To be in touch with life, go beyond your explanations."

Julio Olalla b: 1945    

Julio Olalla, executive coach at Newfield Network
Having the courage

And Most Importantly

What do you do to maintain Peace-of-Mind in your life ... with your relationships ... your career ... or anything and everything else that’s important to you?  And most importantly, Peace-of-Mind in your own HeartCenter.

An Ontological Approach to Peace of Mind

Using an ontological approach, learn to explore your own Dimensions of Self-Awareness experienced during the various stages of your life ... so you can begin to authentically claim the-who you truly are at your core ... from the inside out. 

The Dimension of "SilentKnowing"

And as you continue to practice this process of exploring, you begin to pass through to a new Dimension of Awareness, a surrendering that begins to reveal the freeing Dimension of "SilentKnowing". And with this "SilentKnowing" ... comes an enduring awareness of Peace-of-Mind.

The Age of Awareness - Know Thyself

Creating and maintaining lasting freedom begins when you realize that by exploring your own Dimensions of Self-Awareness of the-who you truly are today both inside and outside ... and importantly the-who you are not ... that's when the door begins to swing open and the magic starts to happen in your life.

A Difficult Challenge - Finding You

It's not easy understanding the-who you truly are today ... and not the-who you think you are ... or the-who you think others think you are ... or the-who you used to be ... or even the-who you hope to be. But instead, the-who you are at your "Divine Inner Essence", your organic self. This is the critical first step in evolving to that "Dimension of Knowing" ... your awareness of your Divine Inner Essence you were born with.

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul." 

Wayne Dyer 1940-2015

5. Exploring Your Own Self-Awareness 

Wayne Dyer, author and PBS presenter

Is This All There Is?

"You don't know what you don't know." And as your life journey continues each day, what you do know, are the only options and strategies you have to choose from as your life progresses. And one day, you find yourself asking, "Is this all there is?"

And after you find yourself asking that question ... and if you feel an awakening beginning to happen in your GodSoul ... a calling out that tells you there is more to life beyond what you already know ... and a strong desire now growing inside your HumanSpirit ... then perhaps you are ready to make a major "Shift" in your Dimensions of Self-Awareness to include the Dimension of "SilentKnowing".

And you are now ready to acknowledge that there is an unopened door to yet another Dimension of Awareness ... an extraordinary door right in front of you ... clearly with your name on it.

Indian princess looking at the moon

Validating "the-who" You Are

And you are now ready to acknowledge that there is an unopened door to yet another Dimension of extraordinary door clearly with your name on it. And with enough courage, you'll open this door ... and step through to a new world of possibilities that awaits you ... possibilities unique to the-who you are at this very moment in time ... possibilities waiting just for you to explore and discover possibilities unique to the-who you are at this very moment in time ... 

possibilities waiting just for you to explore and discover ... possibilities that begin to reveal your very purpose ... possibilities waiting to become reality.


And please consider, there is no key you will need to open this door as it has never been locked ... and once you pass through it, without thought, you'll begin to surrender the importance of your past yesterdays as they begin to fade ... and you are introduced to the understanding of "SilentKnowing" and the luminous tomorrows that it offers ... and there will never be reason to ever think about going back.

6. The Evolving of Self-Awareness

 "Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive ... the risk to be alive and express what we really are." 

don Miguel Ruiz  b: 1952 

 Don Miguel Ruiz author of the Four Agreements

Validating Your Own Dimensions of Self-Awareness

After Dimensions of Self-Awareness discussions you can practice the below Awareness Phases.

Avoiding your destiny

The purpose of these phases is so that you can understand yourself at various dimensions in your life, from an inside-out point of view as you organically (or not) transition from one PoSA to the next during the various life journeys you've experienced in your past ... the PoSA you are in the present ... and the PoSA you choose for yourself and gladly welcome home to live your life in the future. And it's up to you to decide when this future begins. 

Dimensions of Self-Awareness Phases

  • Exploring your current Dimensions of Self-Awareness of the-who you are right now, today ... and the vulnerabilities and barriers they represent both known and unknown.

  • Discovering how your current Dimensions of Self-Awareness were formed by naming those key thought-influencers in your life as well as your social, economic, and cultural environments that defined so many of your starting life "Truths" ... and by also identifying the recurring life patterns you've experienced during your various life journeys, each with their own set of realities.

  • Awakening your own Awareness of the lifelong changing coherence between the foundational dimensions of your life experiences (and relationships) ... your GodSoul, your Animal Soul ... an awareness that reveals the harmony required to evolve into your Pure Inner Core Essence and live your life fully with Peace, Joy and with Love.

  • Living each day with confidence as your newly revealed life potentials and desires now guide you along your life journey ... as you begin to experience first hand your own "SilentKnowing" ... and through practice, learn intuitively to "Trust the Wisdom of Your GodSoul".

Marble Surface

 7. Discover the Importance of Self-Awareness 

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul." 

Rumi  1206-1273

Rumi in thought

What Your Self-Awareness Means for You

Self Awareness sign

Your own Self-Awareness invariably determines how you interpret the world you live in and how you interact in relationships as to what is good and bad from your perspective ... and what's right from wrong for you ... or not?

Starting from a very early age, much of your Dimensions of Self-Awareness were defined for you by the key thought-influencers in your life ... their "truths" about life and the world as they knew it ... that often became your "truths".

As you probably know, your initial key thought-influencers are parents, siblings, friends, teachers, community leaders, clergy, religious teachings ... and of course the physical, emotional and spiritual environments you lived.

Where Life's Magic Happens 

But are your own Dimensions of Self-Awareness today truly serving you well? Or are they unknowingly locking you into the current status quo of your life ... because you either don't understand how to discover or don't want to believe that other Dimensions of Self-Awareness are even possible and available to you.


Now consider this challenging reality if you already haven't. Where life's magic truly happens is ... outside your own personal comfort zone.

Comfort Zone
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