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The Divorce Healing Paradigm
Dedicated to and in Honor of all those who ...

  • Have made it through their own life-altering journey called divorce.

  • Are currently going through the emotionally difficult process of divorce.

  • Are experiencing the painful and challenging journey of relationship endings. 

What Others Say About The Divorce Healing Paradigm

Guy hoping for answers
Woman asking herslf "Why?"
Girl by the sea with questions
A woman thinking about divorce
Girl Gazing
Woman with undesrtanding.
Man wondering "why".
  • "It seems as though this paradigm was designed to act as a personal guide to my human spirit." - Bill W.

  • "Helped me to begin an emotionally healthy restart in life." - Jen B.

  • "As I learned about the invaluable tools presented in each of the DHP Lessons, I grew more confident that all would be OK".  - Harriet M.

  • "The tools I took from the DHP Paradigm helped transform my life's difficult and challenging experiences into valuable understandings of personal wisdom." - Mark K.

  • "I have graciously welcomed home and rejoined my own Heart and Soul in harmony to a place of Peace, Joy, and Love." - Annette F.

Questions About Divorce Often Asked ... 

question 1: share intimacy

"Will I ever be able to share the intimate joy of love again?"

Sad Older Lady

"How can I really free myself from my difficult past while regaining hope for my future?"

Sad Girl

"When will my emotional hurt and pain and anger go away?"

"Can I ever sincerely trust myself and others again?"

The Divorce Healing Paradigm  
Offers Positive Change to Life

You are ready for such change if:

  • You are not happy with where you are emotionally in your divorce or relationship-ending process.

  • You are feeling apprehensive about your future.

woman drinking coffe thinking about her divorce

Whether you are:

  • single

  • still married

  • currently separated

  • in the process of getting a divorce

  • recently divorced

  • divorced a while ago

  • divorced and remarried

  • ending a serious relationship

  • or you're just ready to transform your life

... this online paradigm offers critical life strategies and practical tools that will always be there for you to use to comfort your heart and soul ... now and into the future.

In My Humble Opinion

Hello, my friend ... My name is Ronnie K(aufman) and I am the creator, curator, and guide to this heart-nourishing Divorce Healing Paradigm.

First, I want to acknowledge you for taking the time to visit and to learn about real-world divorce strategies especially the 12 Lessons to Healing the Emotional Side of Divorce ... even for some who've been divorced for a while. I'm confident, you'll be glad you took the time to appreciate the powerful divorce educational resources that are offered.

I sincerely believe this Divorce Healing Paradigm offers a personalized road map to guide you while on the difficult divorce journey of self-transformation ... from handling challenging emotions to making difficult choices and changes on your way to discovering a new way to experience life .... with Peace, Joy, and Love.

All the Best,

Ronnie Kaufman

Master Life Coach 
and Spiritual Guide

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